What Can Small Business Owners Do for Themselves Instead of Paying Someone Else to Do It


Business is booming in New Zealand. Recent statistics suggests there were 487,880 business enterprises in the country in 2014 – up 2.5% from the previous year. A large percentage of these are based in Wellington. Regardless of the nature of your business in Wellington, there might be some tasks that you just don’t have the time to complete. But what tasks can small business owners do for themselves instead of paying someone else to do it? Let’s find out!

1. Accountancy

As a business owner, there are probably 1001 tasks that you need to be getting on with every day. By hiring an accountancy firm to carry out your accounting needs, you can be rest assured that your financial affairs are being looked after whilst you concentrate on other areas of the business. Although you might be able to carry out these tasks yourself, it can sometimes be more productive to reach out for a helping hand.

Count On Us have the necessary experience when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting in the Wellington area, and will be able to prepare your annual accounts for business appraisal, tax, and planning purposes. The company will tailor their services based on the requirements of your business and provide you with advice on a regular basis. You can even still use your own accounting software and Count on Us staff install and maintain MYOB software Wellington businesses.

2. Taxation

If you are a small business owner in Wellington, taxation can be a complicated affair. You will need to prepare a company and personal tax return, manage the tax process throughout the year, and manage any tax disputes or audits. Enlisting the services of a qualified accountancy firm, however, can make the process easier than ever before. Count On Us knows how important taxation can be for any small business, and will minimise any risks to help you achieve compliance.

3. Financial planning

As a business owner, you will need to incorporate a financial plan into your business model in order to preserve and grow capital. Hiring a company that specialises in financial planning can provide your business with the security you need. When choosing a company, you will need to opt for one that understands your current financial position and one that will provide you with the best return on your investment.

Count On Us can manage the financial processes that will help your business move forward, and help you implement a number of strategies that will benefit your company in the long run. By comprising a personal financial plan, the company can provide you with information on how to preserve capital, and how you can have financial security in retirement.

Save money in Wellington

Are you looking to save time and money? Count On Us specialise in taxation work and accountancy for home or commercial properties in the Wellington area. Using the latest business computing systems, they can carry out a number of tasks for small business owners who don’t have the resources or time to complete them on their own. For more information about the services these Wellington accountants offer, or to obtain a free quote just visit the Count on Us website at www.countonus.co.nz.

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