Why a Work Life Balance is Good for Business


If you have a work-life balance then you are likely satisfied with the way you divide your time and energy between paid work and all the other things you either need to do or want to do. The right balance can vary depending on stages in your life. Parents with young children may need more flexibility in their working hours to be able to experience quality time with their families. Evenings and weekends become important free time to spend with older children when they are not at school.

A satisfactory work life balance combines the number of hours you are required to work with some flexibility over the hours required and how satisfied you are with the job that you do with regards to feeling that your job is worthwhile and valued. Many people are happy to work longer hours, evenings and weekends if they feel their role is important and of value to others. Long hours with no flexibility in the daily schedule makes it difficult to carry out chores essential for life such as visiting a bank, doctors or dentist within regular work hours, without having to rush round in lunch breaks.

The responsibilities of running a business, managing employees, organising stock and keeping track of the finances can all chip away at your quality time doing the things you love outside of work hours to de-stress and relax. If you are constantly working late in to every evening or ‘catching-up’ on paperwork at the weekends, then you need to address areas in running your business where maybe you could use some support and advice on how to save time and become more efficient.

You can delegate some jobs to employees once they have had sufficient training, perhaps even offering a payrise with increased responsibilities. Opening and closing premises, ordering stock, assisting with time sheets and roster planning are all jobs that employees can be trained to do. The finances of the company are however, probably not best shared with employees or even managers. An accountant is an independent consultant whose job it is to save you money and help you get your business reliably profitable.

Employing the services of a good accountant with access to an accounting software package will ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend organising and keeping track of expenses. If you have new free time, thanks to a new accounting software package then you can spend it doing something you want to do, rather than have to do. The more time you can spend on the fun activities in life the better your work-life balance will become.

You will find that an accountant can assist you with identifying areas within your business where you could increase profits, therefore increasing the options for you to take a holiday rather than working every available hour to keep your business just ticking over. You may not have time to learn how to use new software or systems so utilising experts (although there are costs) will ultimately save you both time and money.

Count on Us are accountants in Wellington, New Zealand who can assist you to achieve a better work life balance by reducing the amount of time you have to allocate to managing your finances. Throughout Wellington MYOB software is helping small business owners find more time in their day to spend on the wants rather than the needs in their lives. Larger businesses will find great functionality with Xero software and Wellington based accountants ‘Count On Us’ can be contacted via www.countonus.co.nz for a free consultation.

Contact our friendly team at Count On Us to make a booking!


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