Why Work Life Balance is Good for Business!


Work life balance is something entrepreneurs often struggle with. They are usually so dedicated to their business that they neglect the social and personal aspects of their life. While some would argue that social aspects only serve as an interruption to business, it is not so. A successful entrepreneur is one who is able to balance their work and lifestyle.

Work-Life Balance and Personal Wellbeing

Your personal life away from your workplace greatly affects your wellbeing. Your friends and family give you the motivation and courage to face business challenges; they motivate you to become a better entrepreneur; most importantly, they help you deal with the stresses that come with owning and running a business.

You can only work well if your wellbeing is properly catered for. You become more creative, more energetic, more positive and more resilient. This can affect every employee in your company. They will start mirroring your positive energy. The result is a better and happier workplace with greatly increased productivity from you and your staff.

Is that not the goal of every businessperson, to continually improve the bottom line? So as much you may see your life away from work as an unnecessary interruption it is actually crucial to your revenue and profits.

What Happens when you Neglect Work Life Balance?

• You burnout easily. You find yourself working so hard for 50 or 60 hours a week, barely finding time to eat. Before long, you experience a burnout. You can’t think, you cannot work and you will be more likely to make serious mistakes that could prove fatal to your business.

  • You create a negative work atmosphere. The same way positive energy radiates around the workplace to every employee, so does negative energy. When you let stress overcome you, it flows over to your staff. Instead of a growing business with healthy returns, productivity begins to decline without seemingly any reason. After all, you are working so hard and so long, you business should be growing. Right?

• More health problems. Exerting too much work pressure on yourself without any personal and social life to mitigate it can have physical health consequences. You immunity will go down, you will start complaining of headaches and experience other body pains. Even more worrying, you might start experiencing high blood pressure. With poor health comes low productivity, which is bad news for your bottom line.

Striking the ideal Balance

There is nothing like the perfect work-life balance. Everyone has their own unique needs and situations vary. Look at your own situations and consider how you can balance out your work and your personal life. For example, you can delegate some work or even hire a new employee or two so that you can get more time doing your hobbies and spending time with family and friends.

Help with your Business Accounting

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