3 Accounting Tips for Small Businesses in Wellington


Small business owners in New Zealand represent a large portion of the overall population. In fact, there are more than 45,000 small businesses in the country, and every one of them must pay taxes. Unfortunately, there aren’t many tax breaks for these entrepreneurs to take advantage of that would enable them to save money. There are, however, some ways business owners can save money that they can reinvest in their business.

Business owners must claim all of their eligible expenses on their tax return in Wellington. Businesses have a lot of expenses and, by claiming them, they can reduce the company’s taxable income and, therefore, the amount they will have to pay in taxes. It’s important to be honest when claiming expenses related to the business. However, small businesses are rarely questioned regarding this aspect of their tax returns.

Software can help a small business keep track of expenses. With xero accounting installation in Wellington, companies can be confident the records they use to complete their tax return in Wellington will be accurate. This type of software also makes keeping track of expenses and profits much easier than doing it all on paper. Software enables business owners and managers to run reports that can help them make strategic decisions for the business.

Any business owner who isn’t absolutely sure they are able to complete their own tax return should hire accountants in Wellington. Most business owners know their own market very well. Accountants know their industry as well and can often help companies save a lot of money on their taxes by maximizing their deductions. Missed expenses can result in paying too much in taxes so the cost of an accountant is almost always worth it.

Working with an accountant from Count on Us will allow a business owner to focus more on the tasks that will help them earn more money. More revenue gives businesses the opportunity to hire more employees and make a bigger impact on the world. There’s no reason for an entrepreneur to struggle to do their own taxes when there is professional help available to them. Visit www.countonus.co.nz for all your business accounting needs.

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